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Looking to break out of Diet Culture? Chronic dieters that are looking to break the cycle and re-assess how diet culture has impacted their choices can benefit from Dietetic services. In just a few appointments you can learn about nutrition from a scientific perspective. Learn to accept all foods, listen to your internal cues, eat the foods that you enjoy and live life to the fullest. Accept your body as it is meant to be by de-programming the messages sent in pop culture and media through a lens of acceptance.

Be Well Kentucky offers a variety of Nutrition Supports provided by Registered Dietitians whose goal is to help you nourish your body and to live your fullest and best life. Our experienced staff has experience providing nutrition support to a wide range of clients including those with medical complexities, food allergies or sensitivities, and those struggling to change disordered eating patterns. Learn to accept all foods, listen to your internal cues, eat the foods that you enjoy, accept your body’s needs and live life to the fullest.

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Registered Dietitian

Michelle specializes in working with complex medical complications like cancer, gut permeability and microbiome issues, leaky gut syndrome, hypertension and can provide nutrition counseling focused on disease prevention. Michelle Managed Jewish Hospital Diabetes Program for 5 years and deeply understands diabetes and diabulemia. She is a vegetarian and excels at assisting those looking to explore or embrace any plant based diet.

Registered Dietitian
Emma has worked with many intellectual and physical disabilities including but not limited to PICA, autism, down syndrome. She enjoys helping those with binge eating, or emotional eating to regulate eating patterns and reduce cravings and binging or overeating. Emma provides nutrition education on how to best support your body’s needs through building healthy habits and routines.

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